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Most of the passengers of frequent flights between cities and countries, want to buy a cheap ticket. Time passes expensive flight on the territory of Ukraine go of low-cost, that break stereotypes about the expensive airfare. When comparing the level of prices for plane tickets or train tickets, for example, between the cities of Odessa - Moscow, it is sometimes advantageous to fly in an airplane than to be dragged into the train car Coupe. The flight will take you two hours, and travel by train more than a day. The average price in the month of September, for a railway ticket in the car class Coupe from Odessa to Moscow is about 3000 UAH., And hop on a plane from the UIA is 2000 UAH. The site can buy plane tickets and train tickets, each passenger chooses for himself independently, what type of transport to get home or to visit. All users are useful to know that the most common phobia among the passengers is a phobia of flying in airplanes. In order to get rid of the passenger phobia should visit a couple of sessions a psychologist. Then you can easily refer to our website and purchase airtickets, to register and sit on a chair in the cabin and enjoy the scenery from the window.

The team of national ticket operator "Miy Kvytok" offers its users know they suffer a phobia flight or not. To do this, it is worth remembering, or ask yourself the following questions:

  • Sitting in a chair airplane, you're trying to listen to how the engine is running at the plane?
  • Do you feel anxiety when you do not control the process of the flight?
  • There is a feeling of a closed space?
  • Before boarding the plane you have to take large doses of alcohol or sedative medications?
  • Stayed its attention on the faces of the crew?
  • As the plane climbs, get sweaty palm?
  • There is a lack of appetite?

If all questions or some of them, you answered yes, then you have clear signs of fear of flying in airplanes.

Plane tickets cheaper with us

Dear guest, you do not worry. According to statistics, the planes are the safest mode of transport to date worldwide. It is safe to buy cheap ticket online and to fly, because Airlines comply with strict safety and carefully check the regulatory authorities. A more detailed aviation security can be found in the section "Frequently Asked Questions".

Also, if you already have a ticket in hand, pay attention to the weather conditions of the city or country where the commission planned trip, because fly in shorts at the resort, where the planned reduction in the temperature is not very nice.

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