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Buy a plane ticket

Turning on the online booking service «Miy Kvytok» through the official website, the user can buy a plane ticket with payment by credit card. The site accepts credit cards Visa & MasterCard. With the latest technology, which are used on the website, you can make payment through processing centers of banks Raiffeisen Bank Aval and Privatbank.

Why is it betterto buy airtickets online at

Firstly, the reputation of our website has high performance. All those who spoke to us were satisfied.

Secondly, the usability of the service for online booking and ticketing.

Third, lower service charges on tickets.

Fourth, professional staff with a professional approach to each client.

Fifth, the opportunity to book and buy a plane ticket on the phone with his future cash payment.

Due to the fact that Internet technologies are developing rapidly, companies that see this as an additional sales markets of the goods or services are beginning to actively use it. These companies, which are interested in Internet sales can be attributed — the airline. And the airline is largely driven its software to perfection and have not required global change. Therefore, the user is much more convenient to buy tickets over the Internet, all the information about tickets and stored in your account site where the ticket was bought, and sent by e-mail, and stored in the database itself aviation companies. This service allows passenger repurchased empty seats to be assured that documents are not lost and do not fly off the place.

Airline tickets via the Internet

To work with the online service for booking and ticketing just go in this section and in the search form to specify the desired parameters for drawing up the route along which the flight is planned. To do this, in the fields «From» and «To» enter the name of the city (with the third letter falls list of cities that start with the entered letters) from the dropdown list select the cities that are needed. Then, specify the desired date of departure, the number of passengers that will make your flight and class of service. Then press the «Find», the service will begin the selection options for the flight, you can also specify in the search for a flight with transfers or making a direct flight trip. After the delivery of results, the user can choose from possible options for flight. The user can choose the name of the carrier, which performs a flight, the price level on the flight, the number of transplants and the length of the flight. Once identified and selected airline flight, the user must specify the data of the person who will perform the flight, and buy a plane ticket. E-ticket will be saved in your personal account and sent to the post office, which previously indicated.

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