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We welcome visitors on our website! If you are planning a trip, and the departure point for the will of any city in the world, then no doubt that it can be reached by using the services of airlines. But for this it is necessary to carry out an order ticket. Big challenges fly in the low season of the big city with all is not complicated, it is difficult to buy tickets at an affordable price in the high season, when all the rest go on vacation and leave. In order not to get into a situation where an urgent need to fly and plane tickets there. We recommend to visit the site of our company and to book tickets online or by phone. Booking online, payment can be done by credit card Visa & MasterCard, Ukrainian banks issuers and call us, you can pay for tickets in cash, through a bank branch, through payment terminals Privatbank or courier to hand delivery, courier service if present on your city .

Experienced passengers often book their plane tickets on Drugs global Internet, allowing them to save time, money, and be confident that they will be put to flight. After booking on the aircraft it allows you to take the time to sit comfortably in a chair or on the couch, take a hot tea or a cold juice and start looking and you pave the required route. You can turn on your favorite music and make online ticket booking comfortable. By setting the parameters related to your route, your attention will be offered to allow dozens of other flights flew from point A to point B in a short time and already enjoy the architectural and cultural treasures of the city and the country where you plan to go. Do not forget to passenger data, which will land on the flight to enter the Latin name, since by incorrect data entry, it may not be let on a plane, and it's not nice to everyone.

Book your tickets online

In Ukraine, operates a large number of airlines, these airlines are committed as regular flights and flights low cost. Turning on the online service for booking "Miy Kvytok", you have the opportunity to book tickets online at any direction of any airline. Also, if you want to try to order tickets for Europe, CIS and Asian countries, you can call our call center where operators are happy to work with you for the ideal route and will pick up on the docks, waiting times and prices.

Online booking service constantly offering promotions, discounts and special rates on flights of various airlines, information updated and published on social networks: VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter. Thanks to the actions of the airlines you save a lot of money, but nowadays it is an important fact. Referring to the call center service line booking "Miy ticket" can be booked or buy tickets; the companies that make regular flights, namely: Transaero (Transaero), Czech Airlines (Czech Airlines), LOT (LOT), Austrian Airlines (Austrian Airlines), Dniproavia, Turkish Airlines (THY), EL AL (El Al) UIA (UIA), Rossiya Airlines (Russia), Armavia (Armavia) airBaltic (Air Baltic), WINDROSE (Windrose) and Donbassaero. Also you have the possibility to buy cheap flights from low-fire, namely: Wizz Air, UtAir, Pegasus Airlines, Air Onix, and many others, but only through the contact center. In addition, how to book or buy ticket on the phone in the contact center, you can buy tickets online.

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