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If you go out and ask a passerby what "e-ticket" You did not put in a blind alley. Internet technologies are rapidly included in the daily life of every Ukrainian, for e-tickets came and electronic train tickets and electronic tickets on the bus. New computer technologies do not allow passengers to stand in queues for plane tickets, because you can buy a ticket now on the internet, and it is through our website. Buy tickets online can be quick, easy and cheap! Internet users by typing in the search: order airtickets online or other combination of words, will receive a large number of proposals for the purchase of tickets. But as you know, the Internet is full - full of various impostors and swindlers.

On the Internet at the request of "buy airticket" offers a lot of options - see for yourself. Online booking service "Miy Kvytok" recommends that before buying a plane ticket, the prices are often quite large for them, to specify the information about the seller. What's reputation, how much time on the market, honest whether their payment system, will not remove the final part of the payment, the money from the card more than originally stated. The service Online booking "Miy Kvytok" signed a formal contract with the company AnyWayAnyDay, through whom we work. Prices of air tickets online inclusive banking committee that allows us to be honest with clients. And you do not pay any penny more!

Airlines have their own official websites.

These sites are the same as the usual booking office, but they are presented in electronic form, with its own nuances. Buy tickets of any airline and can be fixed in a conventional office, but must arrive at the airline ticket counter. The ticket office manager will be able to prescribe you a ticket as a paper (to print on A4 paper, which will contain all the information about the flight), and electronic and sent to your email.

Often low - Costa sold in electronic format. But when booking "Miy Kvytok" can be booked by phone, phones are listed on the official website of online booking service.

In Ukraine, offering to buy the ticket and specialized sites or intermediary sites that offer tickets to tourist services. Sites such format called "tourist supermarket" in the information they accumulated at many sites.

Companies involved in the implementation of plane tickets, use of global distribution. In this system, air carriers from around the world, placing information on all its flights and seats available to them. Based on the suggested options in the system, managers of the companies you selected flight, initially focusing on the information you provide. The more information you provide, the more perfect the flight you pick. As for buying a ticket online, use the same distribution system as when you purchase your ticket through a stationary airline ticket. Just buy a ticket online, you can no overpayments since companies do not have to pay for rent, electricity, water, etc., but this does not mean that the service will not qualitative.

Buy tickets at the booking service online "Miy Kvytok." And then you will not have any problems. We remind that the trip starts with us!

How to buy a ticket profitable?!

The price of the ticket may depend on the route that you will make the flight. In the case where the route "standard", for example: Kiev - Moscow or Odessa - Istanbul, we recommend using the online ticket purchase, through our service: - so you can buy a ticket online with- out any overpayments. We also have available we are always special offers that allow you to buy tickets at competitive rates. If the route is "difficult", be sure to contact our call - center, our managers will make every effort to make connections in flight were minimal at the time and the cost is not high, which will save you the most money.

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