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You are going on a trip and plan to fly from any city of Ukraine, whether Kiev, Odessa, Lviv and Dnipropetrovsk. It does not matter, you go on vacation or on a business trip. I will love you have to buy tickets. Fly from airports in Kiev or Odessa presents no problems, daily flights are made on all fronts. Difficulty is the purchase of the ticket. Why are there problems with the purchase of the ticket? Simply tickets may not be available, or they are, but at high rates that will make you pay a premium for the flight. Online booking service «Miy Kvytok» works to enable its customers to purchase a ticket online on the interests of their direction, such as Odessa — Moscow, at low prices. In addition to helping the customer in buying a ticket at a low price, we offer the purchase of tickets online or book your flights through our website.

We would like to remind you that buy cheap air tickets except in the office of the airline or company specializing in the sale of airline tickets, you can buy tickets online, ie by means of the Internet. Just go to the page:, enter the route of interest, for example, Kiev — Berlin, choose the date, number of passengers and the system offers you many options. You can easily search for any direction, any flight, at any time of the day, the system will show you the price and availability of seats for the selected flight at the time of your request. Online booking service «Miy Kvytok» recalls better buy ticket in advance !!! Moreover, in the age of high technology it can be done from any computer or gadget, sitting at home or in the office, in a café or in a restaurant, even in the car, you can do it, the main presence of the Internet.

Online ticket ordering online service for booking "Miy Kvytok" pay in several ways. The easiest method of payment — a credit card Visa / MasterCard, simply enter your credit card data. Also, it is possible to book a plane ticket with a further payment by credit card Visa / MasterCard. In case you do not have a credit card, there is the option of payment in cash or through terminals Privatbank IBOX. These terminals can be found in the offices of Privatbank, as in shopping malls and supermarkets. And if you want to live communication, please contact our call center.

If you choose between book tickets by phone or buy a ticket online, the matter should be considered more specifically and in detail.

If you want live chat, hear a pleasant voice aviakassira that will select for your flight, then why not pick up the phone and call the online booking service «Miy Kvytok.» Phones can be found on our website.

And if you want to save money and buy cheap air tickets, while online booking service command «Miy Kvytok» recommends to use the service on our website: buy tickets. The system «Miy Kvytok on aircraft» allows you to buy ticket online at prices lower than on other sites. Our system shows the cost of the ticket with the bank ekvairinga (Banking Commission).

No matter how you make an order ticket, you can always ask about the availability of discounts or shares of the airlines. Service command-line booking «Miy Kvytok» closely follows the existing shares and discounts from airlines. This information can be found in social networks: and So, with the shares of the airlines you can save your money.

Online booking service «Miy Kvytok» sells tickets of all airlines that fly to the Ukraine and from / to the Ukraine. These are aviakomapniyami: UtAir (UTair-Ukraine), Aerosvit (Aerosvit), UIA (UIA), Donbassaero, Dniproavia, Transaero (Transaero), Rossiya Airlines (Russia), Malév (Malév), Czech Airlines (Czech Airlines) CARPATAIR (Karpateyr), Armavia (Armavia), Turkish Airlines (THY), AirBaltic (Air Baltic), EL AL (El Al), WINDROSE (Windrose), LOT (LOT). In addition to the sale of tickets of major airlines, online booking service «Miy Kvytok» ticket allows you to buy a number of low — bone. For this information, contact telephone numbers are listed on the site.

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