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Odessa, Kiev, Lviv, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk - a big city, even the city, home to more than a million people, but it's not one item that unites them! You may ask, what else can they be combined? Airspace and air domestic routes, which are combined by the airlines. From any city of Ukraine flew to another city of our country will be no more than two hours. After all, in large cities to build modern airports that allow you to take thousands of passengers a day.

If passengers need to buy airticket for the trip inside the trunk you can visit the site and buying plane tickets online since our website is specially designed for new technological standards that allow the user to select, order and pay for any tickets through the website. Users can then simply specify the desired city for flights between them and the date when the scheduled departure. The service Online booking and ticketing "Miy Kvytok plane" allows you to order tickets back and forth in a single document, so waybill will be cheaper. Online payment can be made online by means of establishing a payment system, Raiffeisenbank Aval and Privat LiqPay. Having the bank card Visa & MasterCard payments can be made at any convenient time for the user. The main thing that the card has been activated by your bank for payments in the Internet, it has not been established limits and, most importantly, to have money, then the payment will be successful and tickets will be sent to your e-mail and will remain in your account. Where it can be easily printed out and go to the airport for check and board the flight.

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Going on a trip, do not forget to bring identification documents, if the flight to Ukraine, the civil passport for an adult and a child's birth certificate. If the flight will be carried out outside of Ukraine, in addition to your passport you need to take a passport, without it you will not pass the passport control, also remember that there should be a visit visa which allows the country to which the flight takes place. If flying in to one side, you need a travel document in the opposite direction, in which country you would not be, you can go to our website and buy plane tickets online. If for any reason the payment for a travel document does not pass, call our Contact Center or email the consultant, and you can still, way air ticket to book and pay through bank branch or a cash payment terminal.

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