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Just 10 years ago, nobody could imagine that computer technology will occupy a strong position in the life of every Ukrainian. What you do not visit the organization, each have their own personal website through which business is conducted. This also applies to the commercial activities of the airlines. Companies are trying to increase their markets tickets, so in addition to its own sales, the airlines work together with a large number of agents. After agents help sell plane tickets cheap and in large quantities. Such an agent is the specialized site, where the visitor can buy a cheap airticket, and then flew on the paid route. To start a successful work with the online service for booking and ticketing «Miy Kvytok Plane» Go to a search form of tickets. In the windows of «How» and «Where to» specify the desired city, enter the desired date of departure and arrival, there or back are going to travel, number of persons and class of service. There are three types of service: economy class, business class and 1st class. Economy class — it's a standard class, the majority of passengers who fly by this class airline will offer the minimum package for the trip. Business class — a class of higher-level, passengers sit separately from economy class, portions of food more and more diverse, as the number of baggage allowance above. First class use vip customers for first class ticket holders separate entrance to the plane, a separate accommodation in the cabin, the food is much more diverse, increased baggage allowance.

If a visitor wants to buy a plane ticket cheap, it is necessary to catch the action, which is carried out airlines or you can purchase a ticket in advance, let 6 months before departure. But such tickets may not be returnable and if your plans change, you return the ticket does not work, and if possible, the airline may impose penalties of up to 70% of the ticket price. Therefore, the payment of transport tickets carefully read the tariffs that apply.

Plane tickets cheap

By using this site user can be sure, airfare will be different from our competitors low prices, because fixed service fee is not aimed at that to make extra money from the user, but only get the money for the maintenance and promotion of the site, because we are booking online service in Ukraine and we should be available to every Ukrainian and visitors to our country.

Therefore, if you enter in the search engines query cheap plane tickets or buy a ticket, we do not appear in the top 5 of Google or Yandex, but we do our work honestly and accurately, because Reputation above any income. Thousands of Ukrainians have already seen it.

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