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Welcome to the "Frequently Asked Questions" in the plane ticket. In common questions you will find answers to all your questions, starting from the "What's aviation safety?" and ending - that "What is kodshering or interline agreement? '.

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Why is better to buy tickets online

Buying tickets through the online booking service "Miy Kvytok on a plane", you can sit in a comfortable chair and enjoy the intimate atmosphere for you, consider the possible routes of travel. Because the cost of tickets depends on what route and what date range you're going to make the flight.

If you have any questions, you can always ask for help to our online advisor or pick up the phone in his hand and call the call - center responsible officer will provide you with expert help, and he can even order tickets.

We draw your attention to the fact that the choice of plane tickets, you do not need to buy right away. If you have not decided what class to fly, or are planning to make flight with transfers or without them, you can just close the tab and thoroughly think about their trip. And if you still ride set, but for some reason you are not able to pay the ticket online, be sure to book seats on a flight that suits your needs and for the money, and by the date and time of departure and arrival. After that, call our operator and receive further instructions on obtaining tickets.

Using the online booking service"Miy Kvytok on a plane", you can be sure that you have the potential to free flights on these sites. Information on the site is completely current with online update schedule, routes and tickets for them. With us, you will be able to choose for themselves the best. Now you will have more free time, because with the online booking service you do not need to go to an airline ticket, some travel agency. You can pay for tickets online through the bank or through a terminal Privat. If you pay online, you can take advantage of the processing centers Raiffeisen Bank Aval (for all cards) or Liqpay (card Privat), processing centers have all the levels of protection, allowing customers to be confident that their present reserved. Payment can be made at any time convenient to you.

Service "Miy Kvytok on a plane" does not deal with hidden commissions. All tariffs are open to you, we do our work honestly and openly!

Paid or reserved seats, you are always available, how to e-mail, which you specify when selecting tickets, as well as in a private office in which you are automatically registered after the first purchase.

By purchasing tickets on our site, you should not get attached to aviakassiru, you can print the tickets or save to your phone booking code and go to the reception of passengers.


Team online booking service "Miy Kvytok".

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