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The main baggage rules

Registered baggage

The rate for free transportation of baggage depends on the class of service and the direction of flight is determined by the airline.

If you exceed the permissible norms for luggage, airlines have the right to determine the size of the additional charges. For more information, please contact your airline.

Hand luggage (unchecked baggage)

Passengers of all classes have the right to take into the cabin unchecked baggage (included in the total weight of luggage that carried free of charge). Airline sets the standard for hand baggage free of charge. Baggage may vary depending on class of service, route, and / or aircraft type. For more information, please contact airline.

In cases where air transportation is not just one airline, each airline can set their own requirements with respect to baggage (both in terms of checked baggage and hand luggage).

There are two rules of baggage: weight (weight concept) and the system is the number of seats (piece concept).

The system is used in some places the flights to the U.S., Canada and Central and South America, as well as some domestic flights. The system places the same for passengers of economy, business and first class, and applies to all age categories of passengers.

Passengers have the right to free passage of two pieces of luggage, each not exceeding 23 kg weight and not greater than the sum of the measurement (length + width + height) 158 cm

Weighing system determines the rate of weight allowed for the free baggage allowance.

Airline shall independently determine the free baggage allowance depending on the direction of flight and class of service.

The right of free baggage allowance applies to all passengers, except children under 2 years old without a job, and in most cases is as follows:

  • 40 kg for the first class;
  • 30 kg for business class;
  • 20 kg for economy class.


Some carriers on separate flights increases free baggage allowance, which must be indicated on the ticket.

On the sum of the measurement (length + width + height) the size of luggage must not exceed:

  • 203 cm for the first and business class;
  • 158 cm for the economy class.


Baggage in excess of the normal (weight system)

In most cases, the cost of each kilogram in excess of the rate of 1.2-1.5% of the fare.

Passengers and crew members of civil aircraft are prohibited to carry:

  • flares, the device light signals;
  • powder, construction and installation pistols;
  • gas cylinders with nerve paralytic, tear, and a potent poison gas;
  • ECT than the medical intensive care equipment;
  • electron-beam weapon;
  • explosives compounds and their subjects, all kinds of gases, flammable liquids and flammable solids;
  • venomous, virulent, caustic, corrosive and radioactive substances.


It is not recommended to carry in your luggage:

  • brittle, fragile or perishable items;
  • money, keys, jewelry;
  • articles of fur;
  • electronics, computer equipment and software and accessories thereto;
  • udio and video equipment, photographic, cinematographic and related items;
  • goggles, binoculars and other optical instruments;
  • valuable documents;
  • production equipment, samples and templates;
  • video and audio tapes, disks, diskettes and other media;
  • medical supplies, equipment, tools;
  • photographs, antiques;
  • liquid, perfume, alcoholic beverages;
  • securities in all respects, things and objects.


Loss of baggage

Upon arrival of the aircraft to the destination you have not received any luggage, or it is damaged, contact the baggage search «Lost & Found» for the preparation of the report. It may be that your luggage behind and fly the next flight. The airline will reimburse the loss rate of 20 U.S. dollars per kilo of lost luggage. Sometimes that gets lost luggage on all flights operated. Tip: always keep the ticket luggage tags - this will speed up the search process. Remember, never put in the luggage documents, credit cards, money and jewelry.

Abandoned, forgotten or lost luggage, the transportation of which was paid on the relevant baggage fare, shall be sent to the destination, stop or transfer without any extra charge.

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