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Unaccompanied baggage

Unaccompanied baggage is the baggage is transported on a plane without an accompanying person (passenger) and the consignment note is issued as a burden.

Only with the consent of the airline and only after the clearance air waybill, the baggage is accepted for transportation of passengers, unaccompanied as cargo. Unaccompanied Baggage accepted for carriage only between those airports where departure and arrival is made of the passenger. Unaccompanied Baggage of passengers transported in the cargo terminal of the airport only after prior agreement with the carrier, but later the date of departure passengers.

You can send unaccompanied baggage provided the passenger has a ticket, a declaration of baggage and passenger-filled all the documents that will be required for customs clearance and baggage. Include a baggage unaccompanied is permitted only personal clothing and household items. Unaccompanied baggage customs clearance passes. To carry out the customs inspection of baggage can be in the presence of the owner (passenger) or its authorized officials who bear responsibility for all charges. Pay for unaccompanied baggage must be in accordance with established cargo fares airline.

Carrier, the right to determine which flight will be transported as unaccompanied baggage, but baggage must be transported to the stipulated in the contract terms.

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