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Check-in usually starts at the airport two hours before and ends one hour prior to departure. If you miss the passenger check-in or boarding, the passenger for the flight is not allowed. In the ticket indicate the local time of departure and arrival.

Customs and passport control are in the early check-in. Presenting a ticket airline employee, the employee begins to draw up your luggage and give the boarding pass with your place in the plane. With the passage of control in the "Green Corridor" customs control is not carried out. (See Customs Control)

Keep carefully for text and voice announcements: about to embark on the flight will be informed later. If you heard or saw that the landing was opened on your flight, go to the door, whose number is indicated on your boarding pass.

Some countries and airlines established additional procedures and rules for the passage of control that may affect the time required for its implementation. "My ticket" recommends that pre-reservation or purchase a plane ticket to clarify the features of the procedure of registration.

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