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Change in the route

Airlines have regular flights according to the staffing of planes and published in a computer database of aircraft scheduling. In cases of changes in route or in a regular timetable of aircraft, air carrier shall take all practicable and feasible measures to inform their passengers about the projected changes.

Change the passenger air routes:

Before the trip from point of origin, as well as from the point of transfer, stop or reverse the departure passenger in agreement with the airline, the passenger has the right to change the route of flight time and date of departure. The reasons that affect the flight path changes may not depend on the airline (say, a passenger flight route itself has changed, the date and time of departure), and may be forced to reason.

Forced to include such circumstances that led to a change in the itinerary:

  • a delay or cancellation of the flight, which is indicated on the ticket;
  • do not place landing at the destination that is specified in the ticket;
  • do not place the administration of passengers due to lack of space on the flight specified on the ticket;
  • the return of the aircraft, its flight is not fulfilled, to the point of departure;
  • do not place the administration of passengers from the airport shuttle flight, indicated in his ticket, because of a delay or cancellation of flight the aircraft, which passengers should arrive at the airport transfers (including the cases of transport to (from) the airport transfer for different tickets);
  • inability to send the passenger's flight specified on the ticket, due to a decrease in maximum payload, ie, violation of the reservation;
  • replacement of the product specified in the schedule of the plane on another plane;
  • termination of the flight because of the necessity of landing aircraft;
  • inability to send a passenger with ticket with open date of departure (regardless of the type of payment for the ticket), from the point of departure, transfer, stop, or return flight within 24 hours of submission of the ticket to the carrier;
  • changes in tariffs or rules of use, which operated at the time of departure passengers from the airport of departure;
  • due to the illness of a passenger or member of his family, next to him on a plane;
  • improper registration of the ticket by the carrier;
  • administration of the passenger failed for other reasons and because of the air carrier, as well as for reasons beyond the control of the air carrier, but recognized them as valid, including the transportation of live mixed message multiple modes on a single ticket;
  • because of the lateness of land transport modes, delivering passengers to the airport.

In the case where the airline can not make transportation to the point specified on the ticket, the airline must offer passengers a different route of transportation. Upon cancellation of the proposed route of a new passenger airline, the airline is obliged to return the funds in the amount and in the manner provided by rules applicable to the air ticket rates. When the expression of a passenger wishes to follow a new route, the passenger ticket is issued on the same basis.

When it is not possible to provide passenger service in accordance with its bookings in economy class, airline is due to upgrade to first or business class. If it is impossible to provide passenger services in accordance with your booking it in first or business class is the downgrading of service with the condition of repayment of the sums. If you change the class does not change the norm of free baggage allowance.

Stop en route stopover

Stop on the route or stopover - considered to be stopping the aircraft on its way to follow more than one day. Stopover is permitted only with prior approval from the carrier and shall be provided on the ticket.
Using the service, stopover, and the passenger can make stop during their journey along the route at any intermediate point where the landing of aircraft provided the current schedule. Intending to make a stop, the passenger must notify the carrier when buying a ticket. According to the established order, the carrier makes out the ticket.

Continue to follow the route can be within 15 days from the date specified on the ticket of departure from origin.

By purchasing a ticket, the passenger is warned to stop at an intermediate airport, but made a stop and said about it in the airport, a passenger may continue its flight only after payment of the fee for the rejection of the flight in accordance with the regulations airline.
The rules described above do not apply to cases where the disease is caused by a stop of the passenger or member of his family, next to him on the aircraft.

In the case when the passenger behind the aircraft at the intermediate airport for reasons that depend only on the carrier, the carrier shall send the passenger next flight, and take steps to ensure the safety of unchecked baggage and personal belongings of passengers remaining on board the aircraft. Charges for transportation and set fees in such cases is not collected.

When paying for a regular fare ticket, the passenger has the right to make stops at any point along the route, if you pay the ticket at the special rate, subject to the rules to stop the application of this tariff.

Observe the following conditions:

  • to stop just within the validity of the ticket the passenger;
  • stopping is permitted by state authorities of the country where it is provided.
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