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Basic provisions

Integral part of a range of services offered by air carrier is to serve the passengers on board.

On board the aircraft, the airline should have trained personnel to service the passengers, including the staff should be able to provide first aid, and ensure the safety of the flight in accordance with applicable rules and regulations.

Passengers are given a range of services in accordance with the type of aircraft and equipment, flight duration, time of day during which the aircraft is flying, and also according to the class of service specified on the ticket.

On arrival on board passenger service begins and ends after the last passenger cabin at the end of the flight. Throughout the flight steward must constantly be on the passengers, not leave them without attention and care.

At the meeting, and the passenger accommodation on board the aircraft cabin crew should:

  • meet passengers at the gangway or the entrance;
  • provide assistance to passengers during the transition from the ladder to the aircraft, particularly the elderly, passengers with children with disabilities;
  • specify the passengers to their seats, to assist in the placement of outdoor clothing and carry-on baggage;
  • to inform passengers about the appointment of bins, the location of places in the parlors, closets;
  • determine the number of passengers and their compliance with the accompanying data sheets;
  • clarify the respective diets, the number of passengers;
  • after the passengers to report to the commander of the aircraft's readiness for flight.


It is prohibited to place on shelves and luggage in the passenger cabin items that threaten injury to passengers or aircraft equipment failure, cluttering up passageways, emergency and service doors, compartments and domestic approaches to escape hatches.

Catering to passengers before take-off aircraft, flight attendants must:

  • offer newspapers and magazines, starting with the first class cabin;
  • provide personalized service for passengers on the challenges and, if necessary, to provide medical assistance;
  • read out the welcome information and information about the emergency equipment of aircraft. If provided for the flight over water longer than 30 minutes, the flight attendant is obliged to inform passengers of the location and terms of use lifejackets;
  • check the fastening seat belts by passengers;
  • monitor the status of the passengers.


10 minutes after take-off flight attendant begins passenger service in accordance with the approved technologies and technological voyage map.

During the flight attendants must:

  • provide personalized service for passengers on the challenges and, if necessary, to provide medical assistance;
  • to inform passengers about the rules of conduct on board and the location of toilets;
  • to provide passengers with meals and drinks;
  • monitor compliance with rules of behavior by passengers on board the aircraft;
  • monitor the serviceability of signaling and lighting panels in the cabin;
  • monitor the cleanliness of lounges, cafeteria, kitchen, living compartments and toilet rooms, time to change the towels, soap, clean the mirrors, etc.;
  • timely response to the challenge of passengers and immediately - to the challenge of the crew;
  • create an atmosphere of calm and confidence;
  • continuously monitor the temperature regime in the salons (air temperature must not exceed 25 ° C and less than 18 ° C);
  • avoid the entrance to the cockpit by unauthorized persons and at the same time stay in the home for more than three compartments of the people;
  • enter the cockpit only after submission of an aircraft commander assigned special signal;
  • avoid trying to open the main, replacement, service doors and escape hatches;
  • undertake measures to ensure the safety of passengers in flight, clearly and intelligently act in an emergency, especially when the evacuation of the aircraft;
  • in the event of any conflict with the passengers to report to the commander of the aircraft and make a mark in the "Assignment for the flight."


On board an aircraft in flight, the following types of passenger services:

  • information;
  • health;
  • an individual;
  • maintenance of power.


Before the reduction in the aircraft cabin crew should:

  • complete passenger service;
  • prepare to pass the pantry, kitchen equipment, soft equipment and facilities of passengers;
  • consolidate the pantry, kitchen and household equipment;
  • turn off all electric heaters;
  • tidy workplace;
  • prepare a balance sheet and shipment documentation;
  • after the light display to inform passengers of DGS to reduce the aircraft;
  • check that all passengers are wearing seat belts;
  • report to the aircraft commander on the readiness of the passengers to board;
  • take place according to the official emergency schedule, buckle up seat belts and observe the behavior of passengers.


After landing the aircraft cabin crew should:

  • read the text on the SSU media;
  • take their seats at the door;
  • monitor mount ladders;
  • to assist passengers in entering the ladder.


After the release of the last passenger flight attendants must:

  • set the door limiting straps;
  • inspect all premises to detect passengers forgotten things;
  • report to the aircraft commander on the results of the inspection and receive from him, "Quest for the flight" with signature and remarks;
  • pass the life jackets, soft equipment and facilities in-flight, pantry, kitchen equipment and unused food, payload, flight attendant bag-location and shipment documentation.
  • forgotten things passengers pass the appropriate official of the organization of transport services.
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