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Classes of passenger services

There are several types of passenger service on board: economy, business and first class. Airlines set their own standards of service class and on their list.

By purchasing airline tickets to business class, you will receive an increased level of comfort and service. The greater the space between the seats makes it possible landing comfortably seat during the flight. Offers a delicious menu and upscale wine that will make your trip easy and enjoyable.

Making the flight in the cabin first class service will be much higher and more varied menus. Passengers of this category before flying the aircraft spend in the waiting room of the first class, where passengers are offering free alcoholic and soft drinks and snacks. First Class passengers are handed a branded gifts from the airlines.

Passengers business and first class is allocated a separate counter for registration. Passengers of this category make entering and exiting in the first place, and on the board for their service, a large number of staff compared to other classes.
Passengers with tickets of economy class (in full or special rate) during the flight are food, wine, juices and other soft drinks according to the time, duration and route of flight. Remember, the lower the cost of the ticket in economy class, the greater the restrictions imposed on passengers, such as exchange of pre-purchased ticket, baggage free allowance, etc.

Aircraft with two lounges offer a choice between business class and economy class. Most often, the first eight places of business maintained by the cashier, the other place, for economy class. Planes, long-distance flights, have three salons: first, business and economy class.

Different airlines has different classes of service marks.

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