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Rules behavior the passenger in an airplane

​Rules behavior the passenger in an airplane

On board, the behavior of passengers should not cause danger or pose a threat to other passengers, baggage, aircraft and crew serving the flight.

When the crew carries out its duties, the passenger is obliged to follow the instructions of the commander of the aircraft and should not interfere with the crew. During the flight behavior of passengers affects the safety and comfort of the flight. If a passenger's behavior causes or is the protest of others, he must renounce such actions.

Ensuring the safety of flight, the airline may prohibit or restrict the use of an aircraft:

  • Electronic equipment;
  • Mobile phones;
  • Portable computers;
  • Portable tape recorders and radios;
  • MP3 and CD player, etc. (with the exception of cardiac pacemakers and hearing device).


It is forbidden to be on board the aircraft in a state of alcohol, drugs or being under the influence of drugs or other substances. This condition is dangerous for other passengers, things that the aircraft and its crew. Drink alcoholic beverages is permitted only in those quantities, which are offered according to the carrier class service.

On board the aircraft carrier may prohibit smoking. In cases where the air carrier permit smoking on board aircraft, it is only in specially equipped areas for smoking.

If you ignore the passengers of the above rules, airline may take measures to prevent such behavior. Such measures are restrictions on the movement of the passenger cabin of the aircraft, passengers boarding, refusal to board the plane at any point in the flight path, the transfer of passengers to local government authorities for appropriate interventions.

The passenger, who will not adhere to the above rules and regulations, the air carrier has every right to take measures to prevent such behavior.

Such measures could include:

  • To limit the movement of aircraft;
  • Disembark passengers;
  • Refuse to board the aircraft;
  • To transfer passengers to the authorities.


If the behavior of a passenger air carrier has led to commit acts that resulted in additional costs, the passenger air carrier to pay these costs.

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