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Transportation of pregnant women

When booking tickets a pregnant woman should so inform the agent.

The rules that you need to know when flying a pregnant woman:

It is recommended for pregnant women to volunteer information about their health: the complexities of pregnancy, expected date of birth of the baby, about the possible difficulties during labor, delivery of previous children.

In providing the above mentioned information, a pregnant woman can assume that she is in good condition and without any complications during pregnancy, it can be taken on board the aircraft without a medical certificate.

You must provide written consent to a doctor if:

  • expected date of birth, account for the next four weeks;
  • there is a risk complications during pregnancy or in determining the date of birth, or a woman have been previously childbirth, or the possible complications during childbirth.

Medical information necessary to issue no earlier than 7 (seven) days prior to the flight of pregnant women.If you need medical help, the rules of air travel disabled / sick passengers.

Not recommended for air travel:

  • women who are expecting delivery in the next seven days, and during the first weeks after birth;
  • healthy babies if they were not born prematurely, during the first seven days after birth.
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