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Transportation of various categories the passengers

Transport groups

In situations where the flight is made out of youth group and have the appropriate space on the flight, the youth group are placed separately from other passengers, usually starting from the middle to the end of the aircraft cabin. If in the cabin are free passenger seats, is allowed to block a few rows in the zone between the group and the other passengers. If you do not need the number of seats per flight, members of the group are placed in front of the cabin of the aircraft.

By purchasing airline tickets, the group can get on the flight Sidqi in accordance with the conditions of the airline.

Transportation of Passengers connected with tragic circumstances

Passengers whose flight is associated with the tragic circumstances - escort the coffin, the death of a close relative, will be taken out of turn. In the above case, the documents may be required to confirm these facts.

Passengers of this category Book flights for the return flight is on general grounds.

Transportation of passengers critical

In the category of very important persons (VIP - people) come face to some special list of airlines, provided that the requirements otherwise provided by state authorities of the country. Transportation VIP - persons carried out according to government requirements, regulations and rules of the air carrier.

Transportation of diplomatic couriers

Transportation of diplomatic couriers carried out in accordance with the requirements of government agencies, regulations and rules of the air carrier.

The diplomatic courier, using the services of the airline should have, and provide on-demand air carrier proof of his powers as a person accompanying a diplomatic baggage (post).

Transportation of passengers and deportees who were denied entry into the country

In case of refusal to take the country of destination of the passenger flight, the passenger must return to its destination. The airline is not liable in the event of a failure of government authorities the passenger to enter the country. Passengers will pay the appropriate fare for his return in the opposite direction. When the deportation as a payment for transportation, you can use any means of the previously paid by the airline. Refunds paid by the passenger for the carriage to the point where he was refused entry or deported is not provided. Government of the country, which took the decision to deport, to pay the carriage of civil / criminal deportees. Employees of airlines should be informed, prior to shipment, that the aircraft is potentially dangerous passengers, which provides flight forcibly, and when escorting a passenger, made the appropriate entries.

Air carrier may refuse to carry civil or criminal deportees in the absence of the necessary documents for transportation or there is reason to believe deportees threat to life and health of other passengers following the same flight. Deported persons are not placed in the higher classes of service. Embarkation and disembarkation of passengers in this category produced separately from the passengers. Deportees are not given alcohol and metal cutlery. Placement of such persons shall be at the tail of the aircraft, if there is an environment of potentially dangerous passengers are separated by one or more rows of seats from other passengers.

No more than 10 civilian deportees be transported on board the aircraft. Separate family members deported from each other is forbidden. If deported large families are allowed to exceed the limit on the maximum amount of civil deportees per flight

Criminal deportees who do not represent a particular threat (danger), carrying no more than three flights on one accompanied by a guard. Criminal individuals who are in custody and are dangerous, be accepted for carriage is not more than one person on the flight, and with the accompaniment of at least two guards.

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