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Welcome to the "Frequently Asked Questions" in the train tickets. In common questions you will find answers to all your questions, starting from the "What is an electronic train tickets?" And ending with - those "How to return train tickets? '.

We would like to tell you:

Why is better to buy train tickets online

Buying a ticket through the online booking service "Miy Kvytok on the train", you can calm atmosphere for you to choose the train, the class of the car and place (or range of locations) for travel.

Imagine that no one will have to hurry or push in the back of the queue. Just at the time when you need to dictate the data that makes the cashier at check train ticket. In fact, according to the new rules, "UZ" about registered tickets, you make the data in the card, the cashier may allow only three errors in the passenger's name. If the error is greater passenger will not be allowed on the train.

It is much easier and more convenient to choose for yourself or for loved ones place (or range of locations) sitting in a comfortable environment. Selected areas can redeem immediately. Do you have time to think things through and accurately plan your trip. After some time again to view the route you are interested in and then make a purchase.

Using the online booking service "Miy Kvytok on the train", you can be sure that you have the scheme cars to free them places. With us, you will be able to choose for themselves the best. Now you do not need to turn to the cashier at the railway station with a request: "Catch me tickets". The site You can do this at any time by yourself or just call us at call-center!

You can pay for tickets convenient way and at any time of day. Processing centers Raiffeisenbank Aval, Liqpay and Privat 24 working around the clock. In our service there are no hidden fees, all fares are open to you, we work openly and honestly!

Paid or reserved seats are always available to you, as in e-mail that you specify, and in a private office where you check in automatically after the first purchase.

If you order us tickets, you do not have to be tied to the booths of UZ. They came to the station before boarding the train, exchanged train tickets at the box office and go to the landing to your train.

Soon we will have service, "Miy Kvytok on a plane," where ticketing is becoming a pleasure.

Frequently asked questions will help to answer such questions as: all of the luggage, security, transportation of passengers in trains, registration and boarding the train services on the trains for passengers


team Online booking service "Miy Kvytok".

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