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Airline YanAir opens flight Odessa-Kiev - Free Image HostingYanAir airline offers regular flights from Odessa to Kiev Airport (Juliani).

Airline flight Odessa-Kiev will run on Saab 340 aircraft (33 passenger seats) on six days a week: Monday to Saturday. Reach takes place in 7.20, journey time - 1 hour 20 minutes. Flight from Kiev ( all days except Saturdays) are planning to implement 19.40.

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From 17 May airline plans to add a morning flight from Kiev and evening back from Odessa.

According to the chief of department on work with the agency network YanAir Il'chenko Svetlana : " Minimum rate in one direction will start from USD 82, there and back - from 156 USD flight on this route was planned a long time, we hope that it will be effective and well loaded. "

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Earlier UtAir - Ukraine reported that suspends service this route. The main reason - it's a small download. From the words of deputy commercial director of "Airline" UTair -Ukraine Vladimira Katernogo, it is clear that on this route operated the aircraft with 70 seats (ATR 72-500) and the load was much lower. Sell airtickets stimulated Discount prices: buying a ticket in advance to one side, it was the price - 600 UAH., And buying a ticket to the day of departure, the price of it was already 800 UAH. If the company will see a significant increase in demand for domestic flights in Ukraine as a whole, the flights in this direction will be restored.

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