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UTair Ukraine refuses to internal flights - Free Image HostingUTair Ukraine stops flights to most destinations in Ukraine. This information was published edition Aerovokzal referring to a competent source.

Possible rejection of short-haul fleet, which includes ATR 72-500 aircraft and Bombardier CRJ- 200. Medium-haul aircraft Boeing 737-800, which operates charter flights is likely to retain.

In Ukrainian domestic route network airline UTair Ukraine involve in cities such as Lvov, Kiev, Lugansk, Odessa, Donetsk and Simferopol in the summer as well.

UTair Ukraine for international flights from Kharkov, Kiev, Lvov, Donetsk to Moscow and Kiev airport planes sent to St. Petersburg, and another from Kharkov in Baku. Only the last two were in the international flight schedule.

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In 2009 the company entered the Ukrainian market of passenger transportation. First airline operate flights from the regions of Ukraine in Moscow, which were referred to the parent airline. After that, the company came to the market charter. Since 2012, UTair Ukraine is developing a network of flights throughout Ukraine.

Lufthansa opens a new class - Free Image HostingBy Lufthansa in November 2014 introduce a new class of service on long-haul flight . From the outset, in economy class segment Premium membership impose on aircraft Boeing 747-8, and until the summer of 2015 new salons provide all long-haul aircraft of the German airline .

In the salons of premium economy class will be established new wider seats with more angle than in standard economy class , increase the distance between rows and 97 cm

Each seat is equipped with a large screen with a personal entertainment system . Passengers will receive food in farvorovoy dishes , but on the ground the passenger can be purchased for 25 euro voucher for the business lounge Lufthansa. Free baggage allowance for premium economy class will increase from one to two seats up to 23 kg .

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Guide Lufthansa calculates that a new class passenger aviaperevozchkah will be between regular economy class and business class. These classes have become very different after a recent update of the concept of business class. Airfare in premium economy class from Europe to Asia or America would cost 600 euros more expensive than the price of conventional economy class.

Airlines apply for services at the airport Borispol - Free Image HostingEight airlines have applied for service at Borispol airport in 2014. Although the data is not performed before airlines operate regular flights to major airport in the country.

Airline Emirates, whose base is located in Dubai and is one of the best companies in the world, with the November 16, 2014 , began to operate on the route Kiev-Dubai-Dubai.
Air Serbia also plans to make flights to Boryspil airport. Airline from Serbia plans to resume air, in summer 2014, between the cities of Belgrad and Kiev. Airline Adria Airways opens new route Borispol-Ljubljana.

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Air Italy is planning to start work on competition between the cities of Kiev and Milan. Also there are applications from new carriers in the city Istanbul, Budapest and Saloniki.

Okean Elzy gave a live concert at Sheremetyevo Airport - Free Image HostingDecember 24 Ukrainian rock band Okean Elzy was held free live concert right in the registration hall of Terminal D of Sheremetyevo Airport.

The organizers of this concert were Channel Rain and airport. December 31 this video will be shown on the TV channel said. The airport Sheremetyevo, called the concert "a vivid and memorable New Year's surprise for passengers and visitors to the airport."

Anyone who was at the airport could listen to a concert of the legendary rock band. Within an hour, more than one thousand spectators with Ukrainian flags: passengers, visitors and airport employees could enjoy hits favorite rock band.

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Vakarchuk, after the speech, said: "They liked to speak at Sheremetyevo Airport. Audience friendly, great atmosphere and a lot of emotions."

Exactly one year ago, Sheremetyevo airport together with the channel rain had organized a live concert at the airport popular Mumiy Troll.

Yanair airline plans to occupy the vacant niche on the Kyiv-Simferopol - Free Image HostingStarting from December 26, the airline will yield Yanair the route Kiev-Simferopol; there by replace the carrier on the line airline Air Onix, which ceased to serve this route.

New schedule provided from 4 to 6 flights per week departing from airport to apartment (Kiev). It was from this airport flying planes Air Onix. Airline Yanair duplicates departure Simferopol carrier.

Schedule is for residents of the Crimea. This schedule provides for departures from Simferopol to 07:45 am, returning from Kiev at 19.00 pm. Due to the fact that the airline will operate Yanair on this route is not large turboprop Saab 340, and the flight will be 2:00.

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The average ticket price will be about 900 UAH, when buying a circular ticket, the cost will be – 1800 UAH, price 1.5 times higher than at the same MAU or Air Onix. UIA aircraft depart from the airport Borispol.

Airline Air Onix service flights on the Kiev-Simferopol more than six years. Airline was run- active route, and decided to take a moment Yanair. But because Yanair will use less comfortable aircraft, plus expensive tickets, passengers flights Kiev- Simferopol can go the route that serves the UIA.

Utair promises 22 new airplane in 2014 - Free Image HostingIn 2014, the airline Utair will receive 22 aircraft factories with brand new aircraft, this information tells himself carrier. Preparation of the new aircraft will reduce the average age of the aircraft used in the park carrier to 8 years.

Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company will deliver six aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100, eight - Boeing 737 -800NG and 737 -900NG, eight - Airbus A321. Airline in 2014 to hold the increase in the number of seats in its Boeing 737-500 by installing new seats Recaro.

In November 2013 the airline announced that stop using the Yak-42, and bring with regular flights of Tu -154.

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Not return airtickets introduced in the Republic of Belarus - Free Image HostingUpper house of parliament of the Republic of Belarus adopted amendments to the Air Code of the country; adopted amendments allow local carriers to start selling tickets sunk.

6 months after the official publication of the rules in force. In rules adopted the restrictions, the number of non-performing flight must not exceed 30 % of the total share.

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Currently the airline Belavia, which is served by nearly 100 % of passenger traffic on the Belarusian side has the right to do to sell tickets, to be returned with fines or completely. As soon enter into force new amendments, the airline will equalize their rights on a par with foreign air carriers that are authorized to sell tickets sunk.

Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov, in November, said that in 2014 will be introduced sunk flights. This application required a high-ranking official from the airline Aeroflot. After all, the airline plans to launch its own low-cost Dobrolet.

At the moment all flights departing from the RF -refundable, but some airlines have found a loophole that allows you to set heavy fines if passengers wish to return tickets purchased.

For winter holidays assigned additional flights from Boryspil - Free Image HostingDuring the New Year and Christmas holidays, December 25 - January 15, the number of irregular air routes will be increased to 30 destinations from the international airport Borispol (Kiev). From Borispol, the passenger will be able to carry out flights to such countries: Asia, Europe, Czech Republic, Finland, India, Thailand, Israel, Turkey and Egypt. This information was reported in the press service of the airport.

At the request of airlines during the winter holidays and vacations from Borispol airport is planned to send an additional 23 and 182 charter flight. Charter program plans to serve about 33 thousand passengers, and additional programs provide regular transportation of more than 3.5 thousand passengers.

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One of the popular destinations remains warm Egyptian resorts of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh - 29 and 38 flights. A winter lovers will depart from Borispol city: Kittila (Finland) - 11 flights, Salzburg (Austria) - 10 flights, Grenoble (France) - 6 flights, Rovaniemi (Finland) - 6 air flights Tatras (Slovakia) - 5 flights and others.

Provide additional flights on popular routes of the largest airport of Ukraine, during the Christmas and New Year holidays are such airlines: AirBaltic, Ukraine International Airlines, Kharkov Airlines UTair - Ukraine and WindRose.

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Opened a new flight to New York - Free Image HostingUIA is open sale of tickets to new direct flight Kiev - New York - Kiev.

April 25, 2014, Ukraine International Airlines will be made ​​direct nonstop flights from Kiev (Borispol International Airport) - New York (International Airport John F. Kennedy) - Kiev (Borispol International Airport). Starting from 25th April 2014 to 13th May 2014 flights from Kiev - New York will be operated twice a week, and already on May 14 added two more frequency. Starting from June 12, 2014 to make the flight from UIA to New York City, will be 5 - five times a week, and from the 14th of June - six. But with the 23rd June 2014 Flight Kiev - New York will be performed every day.

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Flights on the specified route will be operated on long-haul aircraft Boeing 767-300 with 3 service classes: Economy, Premium Economy and Business. Airfare in economy class round-trip flight to Kiev - New York, including all fees and taxes will be from 7500 UAH.

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Due to EvroMaidan, airline cancels flights - Free Image HostingAirline Air Onix, from December 15, 2013 to perform suspends flights from Kiev - Donetsk. After airline Air Onix connect with his son the current Prime Minister Azarov N.Y. Carrier, said to the press that such a step taken by the economic and political situation in the country, and it is not possible to fill the aircraft to perform profitable flights. And change the situation on the route Kiev-Donetsk - the repair of one of the three Boeing 737s. We would like to remind you that last week, on Wednesday, the air carrier to cancel flights on the route Kiev - Bratislava and on Saturday and Sunday were cancel flights between Simferopol and Kiev. This information is derived from data Zhulyany Airport.

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From the words of CEO airline Air Onix sales and marketing Haynatskogo Eugene: " In aviation activity is often reduced in the period from November to January, but the airline did not expect that the flow of passengers would be so great." According to Eugene Haynatsky, on some routes, loading is 18-21 % of the total availability, ie Aircraft capacity of 142-162 seats occupied only 30 seats. Passengers who "lucky" to purchase tickets for canceled flights, airline flight offers transfer or monetary compensation.

If you compare the situation with other carriers, they have the situation is not so bad. According to the press service, the UIA, the average percentage of the passenger load for November -December was 89%, and to cancel flights due to poor load and generally do not practice this does not happen.

From the words of director of the airport to apartment (Kiev) Denis Kostrzhevsky only airline Air Onix cancels flights due to low load. And anyway Air Onix owed ​​enterprises that have ground handling, fueling and airport itself. Carrier for six months does not pay for the airport Zhulyany for takeoff / landing and other fees. Total debt is about 700 thousand UAH.

EuroMaidan increases the sales of tickets for the route Moscow - Kiev

EuroMaidan increases the sales of tickets for the route Moscow - KievOn a peaceful rally EuroMaidan for three weeks in a row going to hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians, and this is not as strange a positive impact on purchasing tickets on the route Moscow - Kiev.

According to statistical data collection of search engines, for the first 10 days of December 2013 the number of booked flights between Moscow and Kiev has increased by 57% when compared to the first days of November 2013. This may be due to the peaceful rally EuroMaidan.

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The revolutionary situation in Thailand contrary deters tourists. Falling sales of Thailand direction is almost 50%.

In Belarus does not go foreign low cost

In Belarus does not go foreign low costIn the Republic of Belarus refused to make the flights low cost airline, this was voiced by the director of the Aviation Department of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic Vladimir Kostin during an online conference at the agency Belta.

As reported Kostin: "Summer 2013 season on the Minsk - Barcelona serviced Spanish low cost Vueling. While that of other foreign low-cost flights for the execution of the Republic of Belarus has been received."

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In the words of the director, planned transformation of the national carrier Belavia airline in hybrid, which should combine elements of classic and budget airlines.

Head of the Department notes that the tickets are already sold at low prices.

Airline Ryanair introduces mobile boarding pass

Airline Ryanair introduces mobile boarding passAs it became known site, low cost Ryanair plans to introduce mobile boarding passes before the end of 2014. This service allows the passenger to download the coupon on your smart phone without the need of printing on a printer paper ticket.

Introduced technology - a new low-cost strategy. This strategy is designed to improve the quality of service airline Ryanair. Also introduced new services that allow passengers free to correct mistakes when booking the ticket within 24 hours. Increases the norm of free baggage, reduced fee for printing a boarding pass at the airport and luggage collection.

You can buy a cheap air ticket at the National ticketoperator Miy Kvytok. Phone numbers can be found on the website.

From the official site airline removed captcha. This captcha is constantly requested by a passenger to enter a different code. In addition, low cost plans to launch a calendar of low prices and simplify the process of ordering the ticket, reducing the number of clicks from 17 to 5.

WizzAir will fly to Tel-Aviv

WizzAir will fly to Tel-AvivLow cost WizzAir Ukraine received permission to take flight along the route Lviv - Tel Aviv. This information tells Commercial Director Artemova Natalia.

In the words of commercial director, permission was received a few days ago. Unfortunately not yet known when WizzAir Ukraine will start operating flights from Lviv to Tel Aviv .

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Most likely, the first flight will be carried out not earlier than April 2014, when the airline will get the fifth plane and formed a base at the airport in Lviv.

To date , direct flight between the two cities is absent. The cheapest airline tickets on the route Lviv - Tel Aviv offers a Turkish low-cost Pegasus Airlines.

Wizz Air Ukraine allowed to fly from Kiev to Larnaca, Madrid and Lisbon

Wizz Air Ukraine allowed to fly from Kiev to Larnaca, Madrid and LisbonUkrainian branch of the airline Wizz Air to get an appointment from Kiev on the routes: Madrid, Lisbon and Larnaca. It is reported by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine.

Low cost Wizz Air Ukraine also has the ability to travel between cities: Odessa - Kutaisi, Donetsk - Prague, Donetsk - Larnaca, Donetsk - Saloniki, Lions - Kutaisi, Lvov - Tel Avia, Lvov - Barcelona.

Commission on the formulation and implementation of government policy on the use of overhead lines with representatives Minifrastruktury Gosavia and data services issue in the appointment in the period from June to October 2013.

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Airline Wizz Air Ukraine has officially confirmed three new routes for the destination city. Since March 2014 will start operations on the route Donetsk - Larnaca and from April to May - from the city of Kutaisi and in Barcelona.

In the Donetsk airport comes three new airlines

In the Donetsk airport comes three new airlines

Three of the new airline will start operations at the airport of the city of Donetsk in the winter season 2013-2014. 

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27/10/2013, the Turkmenistan Airlines made ​​its first flight from Ashgabat. This airline will make flights to Donetsk once a week. The flights will be carried out on aircraft of Boeing 737 aircraft.

In November 2013, a new Georgian airline Air Caucasus will open the route Tbilisi - Donetsk. The carrier plans to operate flights twice a week on the aircraft McDonnell Douglas MD-83.

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For the airport in Donetsk, Tbilisi and Ashgabat new directions in development.

And since the beginning of 2014, opens the route Donetsk - Istanbul new carrier Atlasjet. The flight will be operated daily by planes brands Airbus A321. The emergence of the new carrier will add competition on the route, which will lead to a decrease in the price of airline tickets.

Kiev - Lvov with electronic train ticket

Kiev - Lvov with electronic train ticketUkrainian Railways expanded the number of trains on which the landing with the help of electronic railway tickets (without visiting the railway ticket office). 29th October ultrasound introduced this service on the train number 91/92 on the route Kiev -Lvov -Kiev.

Purchased electronic train tickets have the status of settlement document (ie the electronic train ticket = fiscal receipt). For example, a ticket can be used as a form to report to the accounting department for a business trip.

Passengers can use the electronic railway tickets on high-speed trains, Intercity plus category. To travel on Intercity + can be out of town in the direction of Kiev: Zaporizhia, Lviv, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk and back, as well as from the city of Donetsk and Kharkov to Simferopol city and back.

Electronic train tickets were launched on the night trains:

Number 37/38 Donetsk - Kiev - Donetsk (from May 18, 2013 )

Number 11/12 Simferopol - Kiev - Simferopol (from October 1, 2013 )

Number 63/64 Kharkiv - Kyiv - Kharkiv (from October 18, 2013 ).

By the end of 2013, the management of Ukrainian Railways plans to introduce electronic railway tickets for all passenger trains internal message.

From Donetsk opens flight to Cyprus

From Donetsk opens flight to CyprusWizz Air Ukraine the airline launched a new flight from Donetsk to the island of Cyprus in the capital city of Larnaca. Along the route Donetsk - Larnaca flights will start on March 30, 2014. Since the launch of this route, the frequency of flights will be only 2 times a week.

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Now flying with a new air base in Donetsk implemented the following areas: Dortmund, Kutaisi, London Luton, Rome Fiumicino, Milan Bergamo. After starting flights to the capital of Cyprus, the airline will operate seven international flights from Donetsk (Ukraine).

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The cost of tickets for the route Donetsk - Larnaca is already available from 309 UAH. – with all taxed. The price is in the same direction.

The most comfortable airports in Europe

The most comfortable airports in EuropeGlobal search site Skyscanner for travel options are investigated and identified the most comfortable European airports for passengers with the family. The winner in the ranking was the Heathrow Airport in London. Neither one airport in the rating of Ukraine did not hit.

Evaluation was carried out by airports list of criteria:

- availability of healthy food and entertainment for the whole family;

- speed and comfort - passing the security ;

- easy diaper changing and dressing the children.

The experts also drew attention to the airport as they are suitable for people with disabilities, ease of registration and getting lost luggage, etc.

The study was conducted by 35 experts from different European countries who evaluated the 20 largest airports in the continent. The study was conducted among bloggers who write about a family that has children of school age in the period June - September 2013.

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From the data obtained for each airport calculated GPA, which allows a ranking of European airports that are friendly to families:

1. Heathrow, United Kingdom - 24.8

2. Zurich, Switzerland - 24

3. Vienna, Austria - 24

4. Dusseldorf, Germany - 23

5. Madrid, Spain - 20.3

6. Munich, Germany - 19.7

7. Frankfurt, Germany - 19.7

8. Gatwick, United Kingdom - 19.3

9. Sheremetyevo, Russia - 19

10. Charles de Gaulle Airport, France - 18.3

11. Oslo, Norway - 17.7

12. Copenhagen, Denmark - 17.5

Because of the lack of information on Orly (Paris) and Domodedovo (Moscow), they were excluded from the final rating.

UZ expanded the number of trains which operate the electronic train tickets

UZ expanded the number of trains which operate the electronic train ticketsUkrzaliznytsia expanded the number of trains moving on which is possible with the help of electronic railway tickets (without the need to visit the railway station). Have introduced this service to the train number 63/64 on the route Kharkiv-Kyiv-Kharkiv, it is reported in the service of the state.

Passenger is enough to visit the site to buy train tickets without visiting the railway ticket office in the city. Suffice it to print an electronic train ticket and go to the gate to his train. Bought tickets for the train have the status of settlement document (fiscal receipt). For example, the document can be presented accountant of the company for the trip report.

Since October ultrasound is going to expand the list of trains that can be toured by electronic railway tickets. In uz planned by the end of the year to start the system of electronic train tickets for all trains of internal communication.

Today, such a possibility is offered by trains on such routes :

169 (Darnica, Kyiv - Lviv), 170 (Lviv - Kyiv, Darnica), 154 (Kyiv - Donetsk), 152 (Kyiv - Donetsk), 151 (Donetsk - Kiev) , 153 (Donetsk - Kiev), 156 (Kiev - Kharkov), 162 (Kyiv - Kharkiv), 164 (Kyiv - Kharkiv), 161 (Kharkov - Kiev) , 163 (Kharkov - Kiev), 155 (Kharkov - Kiev), 168 (Kiev - Kiev), 168 (Kiev - Kiev), 166 (Kiev - Dnepropetrovsk), 165 (Dnepropetrovsk - Kiev), 152 (Dnepropetrovsk - Simferopol), 152 (Simferopol - Dnepropetrovsk), 177 (Donetsk - Simferopol), 178 (Simferopol - Donetsk), 175 (Kharkiv - Simferopol) , 176 (Simferopol - Kharkov) , 037D (Donetsk - Kiev) , 038K (Kiev - Donetsk), 11 (Simferopol - Kiev), 12 (Kiev - Simferopol), 63 (Kharkov - Kiev), 64 (Kiev - Kharkov).

Airtickets are getting cheaper

Airtickets are getting cheaperUkrainian delegation on a visit to Brussels agreed full text of the agreement about the creation of a common aviation area with the EU. As explained by the first deputy minister of infrastructure Efymenko Constantine: "Ukrainian airlines obtained access to the EU market, and foreign airlines will be able to perform not limited flights to the airports of Ukraine. This will open new flights to our airports to increase passenger traffic, regional airports will evolve and will drop in lowcost our country".

By signing the new agreement, Ukraine undertakes to update its fleet. In the words of Deputy Director General KP "International airport" Kiev "(Juliani) Oleg Petrovsky," will improve the quality of service for passengers and will set limits on the use of obsolete aircraft. "Different experts have reported about which opens opportunities for Ukrainians, but with reservations. According to Oleg Petrovsky "On the territory of Ukraine will visit new lowcost in large numbers, but the lightning-fast network expansion directions, as the European direction is sufficiently large number of flights. 15-16 million passengers who carry out flights, it's not a big passenger traffic, because the price of tickets is quite large, and because of this airline will not break the Ukrainian market, as it is possible to fly away empty".

Today in Ukraine make flights nine lowcost: Vueling (Barcelona - Kiev), Air One (Catania - Kiev), Meridiana Fly (Olbia - Kiev), Norwegian (resumed flight Oslo - Kiev), Wizz Air, Pegasus Airlines, Air Arabia, Onur Air. Ministry of Infrastructure is constantly in talks with airlines that have not yet fly to Ukraine from Europe. For example, in the summer held talks with easyJet, this airline is considering to introduce direct flights to Ukraine next year. Began negotiations with Airberlin - the airline is considering opening the route Berlin - Kiev. Also started negotiations with the airline Ryanair, the airline have already received government support, and it remains to agree only service at the airports.

Basic expectation effects expected from new lowcost - it's cheap. After all, it is clear that the increasing competition in the aviation market, for the conquest of the airline's passengers will have to cut prices. The decline in prices in lowcost, will fall airfare and direct competitors. You can look at recent history, when the UIA reduced prices to the level of Wizz Air - c $ 350 to $ 100 (on a flight Kiev - Vilnius), and Turkish Airlines took action in the direction of Odessa - Istanbul - Odessa, the ticket price is 800 USD, where a normal ticket cost in 1600 UAH to one side.

Unfortunately, only for international flights can be given to optimistic forecasts, it is no secret that the same airline Wizz Air closes domestic routes in Ukraine, as there is no demand.

UIA has arranged sale for Muscovites

UIA has arranged sale for MuscovitesUIA started selling tickets on the routes Moscow - Cities of Europe, Ukraine and Asia with connections to the capital of Ukraine (Kiev). Ticket price is 90 Euro in both directions with all fees.

Buy airtickets for the discount from 3 November 2013 to 20 March 2014. The only exception is the season of Christmas for their Christmas holidays, when the airline begins peak.

In the promotional direction of the departure from Moscow to include all of the routing grid airline Ukraine International Airlines in Ukraine, and twenty European cities and 7 cities in Asia, including Dubai and Tel Aviv.

If you compare the prices of ordinary company UIA flying out of Kiev in November along the route Kiev - Istanbul, price is 1926 UAH., For flights Kiev - Tel Aviv price range from 3328 UAH., For flights Kiev - Warsaw price range from 2061 UAH.

airBaltic plans to open a third flight on the route Kiev - Riga

airBaltic plans to open a third flight on the route Kiev - RigaDirector-General of the capital's airport Boryspil Kochanov Alex reports that airline airBaltic has the desire to run a third daily flight Kiev - Riga.

Flight, which is scheduled to run - including overnight stays in the city of Kiev. Although the current regulations do not allow the aviation authorities in the capital airport parking. But for airline airBaltic has turned to remove the restrictions.

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Today the airline has two flights a day between the cities of Kiev (Ukraine) and Riga (Latvia). On the joint operation on this route Latvian airline has signed an agreement with Ukraine International Airlines. Ukrainian airline sells aircraft for airBaltic flights under its own code and the function of the marketing carrier.

Lufthansa leaves the route Kiev-Dusseldorf

Lufthansa leaves the route Kiev-DusseldorfSince 13 January 2014, Lufthansa stop flights between Dusseldorf, Kiev, referring to the reservation system.

A subsidiary of Lufthansa - Eurowings is the actual operator on this route. But this flight is assigned carrier code Lufthansa.

German flag carrier planned to withdraw from this area since 2012. Management Lufthansa plans to restructure, which provides for waiver of medium-range flights not from Munich or Frankfurt and transfer to service low-cost subsidiary Germanwings.

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Under the new concept, the low cost airline Germanwings is now positioned as a quality company with reasonable prices for airline tickets.

Airlines Germanwings was to get the route Dusseldorf -Kiev, but at the moment the reservation system on low-cost, this route exists under the code of Lufthansa until 13 January 2014.

Just three years ago, Germanwings Cologne - served route Kiev. But the German low-fare could not compete on the same route with the airline Wizz Air Ukraine and left the Ukraine.

Ukrzaliznitsya possible to issue a single ticket for the train trip

Ukrzaliznitsya possible to issue a single ticket for the train tripSince October 2013 Ukrzaliznitsya provides its passengers to buy train tickets on the one on one the travel form. As stated by the press-service, if you select this option, when you make a ticket on the train, passengers can save considerably.

If a passenger buys tickets to the rail with one change, it will have to pay a fee ( in the amount of UAH 12.5) And fare. This offer applies only to train internal communication.

Train tickets online at

For example, the passenger is required to make the trip from Lviv to Donetsk with a change in Kiev, you can make two train tickets at a travel form. Writing out the travel documents with a transfer, cashier at the station have to agree with the passenger the time between the arrival of one train and the departure of another train to the station to be your destination. But keep in mind that a change to another train must be made not later than 10 days after the arrival of the passenger transfer station.

Refund the ticket on the train, which is decorated on one form, possibly on the same basis. If the passenger has decided to break up the journey, he needs no later than one hour after the departure of the train at the railway office to return the money for fare is not implemented.

Airports of Ukraine increased ridership by 5 percent

Airports of Ukraine increased ridership by 5 percent

Over three quarters of 2013 passenger traffic at all airports of Ukraine amounted to 11 million. This figure is more than 5% over the same period in 2012. This information was announced Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Vilkul opening a new Terminal D at the airport Zhulhany.

Over the past year the airport Kiev, served on arrival and departure of 13,181 flights. And for seven months in 2013 - the number was 22,374 flights. 10,350 domestic flights and 12,024 international, respectively.

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Kiev airport is located 8 km from the center of the capital of Ukraine. With the introduction into service extended runway length of 2,310 meters, allows the airport to receive all types of medium-range aircraft.

Wizz Air Ukraine opens routes from the regions

Wizz Air Ukraine opens routes from the regionsDue to the fact that the airline Wizz Air Ukraine was unable to get appointments on routes from Kiev, the airline offers flights in the country.

Naturally Kiev market is one of the strongest markets in Ukraine. But the growth is determined by the airlines and regulatory policies, as the routes require an appointment. Because of the difficulties getting appointments from the capital of Ukraine (Kiev), the air carrier was forced to open a base in Donetsk, with very nice appointments.

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The head of Wizz Air Ukraine reported that low-cost does not plan to return to the domestic market of Ukraine. In the years 2008 - 2009 airline has already attempted to get back on domestic routes and came to the conclusion that they are not interested. 180 seater is quite large for internal transport in Ukraine.

In the Donetsk airport, the first in October 2013, opened a new base of low-cost Wizz Air Ukraine. And in April of next year in the airline plans to get the fifth plane A 320 and open the database at the airport of the city.

Ukraine International Airlines will replace its fleet of aircraft

Ukraine International Airlines will replace its fleet of aircraft​In Ukraine International Airlines are planning to make the replacement of twenty old Boeing 737 Classic to modern aircraft Next Generation, as reported by the vice-president of the airline's strategy to develop and Treskunov Eugene.

In the words of Vice President, plan to replace aircraft in the next 3-4 years. In the fleet of Ukraine International Airlines is 11 aircraft of Boeing 737 Next Generation.

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Four of the eight aircraft were received new directly from the factory, two aircraft passed from Aerosvit, and four more were purchased from the secondary market.

Aircraft Boeing 737 Classic, which are used UIA and the average age is about 19 years.

To test the new terminal at Pulkovo airport looking for volunteers

To test the new terminal at Pulkovo airport looking for volunteers​Due to the fact that by the end of the year plans to open a new terminal at Pulkovo airport, looking for 5,200 volunteers to test the operation of the terminal. Press service of the airline reported that the test will last 16 days.

When will the test days, the passengers on the construction site will operate on 200-300 volunteers, and when times "peak" for two days - October 29 and November 12 - for one thousand volunteers.

Passenger- testers salary is not provided, but the airport promise to provide free shuttle service volunteers from the metro, food, and souvenirs.

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Volunteers will choose among people aged 18 to 65 years. So that they can perform on different work 5.5 hours, which is associated with testing system terminal.

Features of the new airport after it was merged with Pulkovo -1:

The capacity of 17 million passengers.

Check-in desks: 88 pcs.

Boarding bridges in the amount of 14 pieces.

Passport control booths: 110 pcs.

Feeds baggage: 7 pcs.

Elevators in the amount of 45 pieces.

Escalators in the amount of 17 pieces.

Under the area of ​​catering and retail trade contributed 13 500 square meters.

The total area of the terminal complex: 146,600 square meters. 

Ukraine International Airlines will open a direct route: Lviv - Tel Aviv

Ukraine International Airlines will open a direct route: Lviv - Tel Aviv

In 2014, the UIA can open a direct route Lviv - Tel Aviv, which will be implemented in a season (from July 3 to September 5).

Perform aircraft flights will mark Boeing 737-600 Next Generation. This type of aircraft is less capacious family of airliners.

Ukraine International Airlines aircraft will be used mark Boeing 737-600, also on routes such as Kiev - Donetsk, Kyiv - Lviv, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Kyiv - Prague. If you examine the schedule of the airline, we can say that will be used for at least two aircraft Boeing 737-600.

At this point, a direct flight Lviv - Tel Avia is not performed, but the budget-price tickets on this route implements a low-cost Pegasus Airlines with a connection to the airport in Istanbul (Sabiha Gokcen).

Low-cost Wizz Air Ukraine in search of a cheap airport

Low-cost Wizz Air Ukraine in search of a cheap airport

Leadership low-cost Wizz Air Ukraine has not confirmed or denied the talks about a possible change of the base airport.

General Director of airline Akos Bush said that their company is in constant dialogue with service providers in order to find the best offer, and of course provide passengers with more low fares for travel.

Formerly head of the airport Borispol (Kiev) Alex Kochanov been said that negotiations are underway with the airline Wizz Air Ukraine to move them to the airport.

Airtickets Donetsk - Milan from the airline Wizz Air Ukraine

A top - managers of the airline in April 2013, there were more categorical in his statements. While there can be no question of going from airport Juliani to airport Borispol.

UIA ordered a new plane Boeing

UIA ordered a new plane Boeing

UIA has concluded with the U.S. leasing company Air Lease Corporation (ALC), a new supply contract Boeing 737-800.

The aircraft will deliver in April 2015. The new aircraft will equip the new cabin interiors Sky Interior, CFM56-7B engines and winglets.

Manual ALC intends to establish long-term partnerships with the UIA. They expect that Ukraine International Airlines will expand its fleet and route network.

Airtickets Kiev - Moscow

Now the airline used eight Boeing 737-800 aircraft grade. Four of the eight aircraft were received new directly from the factory, two aircraft passed from Aerosvit, and two aircraft were purchased from the secondary market.

The fourth plane will appear at Wizz Air Ukraine

The fourth plane will appear at Wizz Air UkraineVice President of Wizz Air, John Stephenson, said that the fourth plane, low-cost Wizz Air Ukraine will be transferred from the air fleet of the Hungarian airline Wizz Air Hungry.

The plane, which is transmitted Ukrainian Wizz Air only three months. Its registered in Wizz Air Hungry with an individual number HA-LWV - it happened in the summer of 2013. The aircraft was purchased to replace another plane that has crashed.

Most of all - it aboard A320 Wizz Air Hungry HA-LWM, who made an emergency landing in the city of Rome, he was missing one landing gear.

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Transferred to the 4th A320 aircraft to Wizz Air Ukraine will be assigned to the base of Donetsk airline and will serve her. Base plan to open on October 1, 2013. This board will receive a registration number UR-WUD on the territory of Ukraine.

Wizz Air Ukraine is planning to spring 2014 to increase its fleet to 5 aircraft model A-320 and will open its third base in the Ukraine. Geographically, the base will be located in the city of Lviv.

Foreign low cost violate rules ukrainian airline

Foreign low cost violate rules ukrainian airline

Since 25 January 2013, foreign low-cost air travel violate the new rules.

Air legislation, which has been updated and contains a number of mandatory requirements for foreign air carriers on routes to Ukraine, according to the rules of Ukrainian aircraft airline passengers and their luggage.

In the language of the Rules, which were approved at the end of 2012, states that all airline passengers are entitled to a free baggage allowance.

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The free baggage must be not less than 23 kg using the unit-load concept and not less than 15 kg, using the weight concept. After eight months, as the rules in force, no foreign carrier has not introduced a free baggage allowance rate, and continue to charge a fee.

Engaged in the collection of payment such airlines: Air Arabia, Vueling, Wizz Air, Norwegian Air Shuttle and the Latvian airline airBaltic.

New airport terminal Odessa will open one year later

New airport terminal Odessa will open one year later

New airport terminal Odessa plan to build by the end of 2014, reported by the managing director of the company Vitali Portyanko.

This means that one year later surrendered terminal. Back in June 2012, with the presentation of a new terminal were named time (it's 18 months) in which the object will be delivered, that is, planned by the end of 2013.

The builders managed to complete the frame of the building, the roof promise to build by the end of this year, then will go to the wall covering in the terminal.

In the words of the current mayor of the city of Odessa, Alexei Kastusiou, the project has undergone adjustments, and thanks to the amendments airport area has increased from 26 thousand square meters. meters to 29 thousand square meters. meters

The new terminal will serve passengers, both domestic and international flights. The terminal will be equipped with 4 loading bridges.

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Austrian Airlines Airport Consulting Vienna conducted business - plan, master - plan and evaluation of the technical concept of the Odessa airport.

The Spanish company Ineco was the general designer of the new terminal in Odessa, State Scientific Research Design Institute of Civil Aviation Ukraeroproekt was the general subcontractor.

Pegasus Airlines plans to open the route Istanbul - Odessa

Pegasus Airlines plans to open the route Istanbul - Odessa

According to the vice -president of Pegasus Airlines Guliza Oztyur their airline plans to open routes Istanbul - Istanbul and Odessa - Kiev.

In the words of Guliza Oztyur, to implement in the near future plans, prevents inter-governmental agreements. Long time quota for the number of flights left unchanged. Then it was enlarged and given to another air carrier, which unfortunately did not use it. To date, under this quota, Turkish Airlines operates flights from Sabiha Gechen in Kiev.

Turkish low-cost Pegasus Airlines commits flights from Istanbul (Sabiha Gokcen) in the Ukrainian city of Lviv, Kharkiv and Donetsk. Back in 2011 the airline received confirmation of slots on the route Kiev - Istanbul, but was not able to begin the flight.

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Turkish Airlines used in this area all the quotas flights are operated from the airports of Istanbul Ataturk and Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Kiev Borispol.

As for the flight to Odessa, then the Turkish side have permission Onur Air and Turkish Airlines. But Pegasus Airlines takes up the entire quota for the route Kharkiv - Istanbul, and it is not allowed to enter the Turkish Airlines this route.

In October becoming more expensive train tickets

In October becoming more expensive train ticketsIn the international and domestic traffic change tariffs for the transportation of passengers by rail to all categories of cars (except for the luxury car / CB and Intercity trains +). Since 1st October 2013 in domestic traffic in the cars class reserved seat coupe and the price will rise by 10 percent. site looks like it came second phase of higher prices for train tickets. In July 2013 has raised rates. In July, the rates were raised on domestic and international traffic. On internally by 10 percent, and international only 5 percent of the ticket.

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After the publication of the tariffs in the publication " Official Bulletin of Ukraine " (№ 51 dated July 16, 2013 ) (N51 on July 16, 2013 ) of the respective orders of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine on June 19, 2013 N413 " On approval of the changes in the rates for the carriage of passengers, baggage and cargo- rail in domestic traffic " and N414" on approval of the changes in the rates for the carriage of passengers, baggage and cargo by rail in international traffic. "

Trains UZ are moving to train e-tickets

Trains UZ are moving to train e-tickets

Vladimir Kozak, Minister of Infrastructure, said that before the end of 2013, Ukrainian Railways plans to train translates to electronic train tickets. Will be completely changed the work ticket offices at railway stations and the conductors themselves.

In the words of the minister, take a ticket from the passenger will not be only on presentation of his handler, consider the information from the ticket with a special device.

If the system is running on all trains, then one calendar code can save up to 20 million hryvnia.

We would like to remind you what to buy or book train tickets on our website: Since the beginning of the input capacity to implement e-ticketing in 2009, passengers have purchased over the Internet about 83.5 thousand tickets, and already for 2012 2,000,000 100 thousand for 2013 is not complete, the Internet bought 3 million train tickets, it's about 8% of the total number of sold travel documents.

Since September 30, 2013, passengers who use the 1st class of high-speed trains Intercity + and buy them on Drugs global Internet, will receive bonuses after the ninth trip over the calendar year, ie, will be able to obtain a free ticket tenth.

Odessa Airport increases the passenger traffic

Odessa Airport increases the passenger trafficFor 8 months of 2013 the Odessa airport passenger traffic totaled 711.5 thousand passengers, it is by 18.3% more compared to the same period last year.

Statistics show that the number of international passengers increased by 22%, ie to 587.5 thousand, while domestic passengers - by 3% to 124 thousand for the period from January to August 2013 Odessa airport handled 9,607 flights, which is 2.6% more compared to the same period last year.

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During August 2013 the airport Odessa missed 132.7 thousand, which is 16.8% more than in August 2012. The largest passenger traffic was observed August 14, 2013 - the day was served 4,752 passengers.

Passenger traffic on international routes at the Odessa airport for the last month of summer was 110.4 thousand passengers (+20% compared to August 2013), and internal - 22.3 million passengers (+4.2%, respectively).

Turkish AirLines lowers the prices of their flights

Turkish AirLines lowers the prices of their flightsAirline Turkish AirLines started selling cheap tickets on the route Kiev - Istanbul. If a passenger is planning to return ticket inclusive of all charges and fees tickets will cost a minimum of UAH 1287.

Ticket price includes a choice of place, free luggage and meals on board. Choose your flight will be open from 13.02.2014 to 01.11.2013 for the year, as the airport Sabiha Gokcen Airport, which is located in the eastern part of the city or the main airport of Istanbul Ataturk.

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Buy plane tickets from Istanbul - Kiev with a discount on our website and make the payment via bank transfer, terminal payments Privat or credit cards Visa & MasterCard.

Turkish Airlines has already cut the price of tickets on the route Simferopol - Kiev to the level of competition.

Meridiana fly offers two new destinations in Ukraine

Meridiana fly offers two new destinations in Ukraine

Seventh day of December, the Italian airline Meridiana fly, opened two new flights to Ukraine on the route Verona - Naples and Kiev - Kiev. Planned launch of flights due to the fact that between the cities there is no direct air service, and you can only fly with transfers.

Airflight Kiev - Verona will be operated twice a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays on the aircraft type Airbus A320, and the airflight Naples - Kiev on a Boeing 737 with the same frequency. Airline Meridiana fly will be used in the Boryspil airport terminal D.

Buy tickets Kiev - Naples or Verona - Kiev can have the phone numbers are listed on the site.

The cost of a plane ticket to both sides reaches 295 U.S. dollars on the route Kiev - Naples and 290 dollars on the route Kiev - Verona.

When buying tickets for any of the above routes, ticket price will include a carriage of one piece of baggage and hand luggage weighing up to 23 kg. And if the Ukrainian citizen has a work permit (or working visa) in Italy, presenting a document is a free pass to the luggage once two units each weighing 23 kg.

Back in June 2013, the airline Meridiana fly has entered the Ukrainian market of passenger traffic by opening a direct flight from Olbia to Kiev. Olbia is a town in the Italian region of Sardinia.

Japan launches a super-fast train

Japan launches a super-fast train

In the land of the rising sun was created the fastest and longest magnetic levitation train, the maximum train speed is 500 km/h. Since the train is in the process of testing, slowness of magnetic levitation rail is 25 km away and the entry into service of this train will take about 10 years, though the company -developer of Central Japan Railway Co for the past five years working on the project.

The company reported that in the near future will be launched magnetic line in the area of Nagoya - Tokyo. At the moment, the distance is 290 km and the train overcomes his nearly two hours. In that time, as the new magnetic levitation train is the same distance will be overcome in just half an hour. Also, the company plans to build the route Tokyo - Nagoya - Osaka.

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And the rest, the new high-speed train is similar to other trains that go by magnetic levitation. Only through a strong magnetic field, the train will soar above the rails at low altitude, which allows him to maintain a smooth ride even at a speed of 500 km / h.

In the words of the Japanese engineers, most of the route is already built, and is scheduled to run though about 60% of the paths in the tunnel, as this will allow high-speed trains to reach speeds of 500 km / h without the fear that he will face an oncoming train or other object. In 2014, it is expected to start construction of tunnels. Tokyo - Nagoya tunnel should be completed by 2027, and by 2045 will create an even more extended tunnel between the cities of Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka.

Hard to go home from the Crimea

Hard to go home from the CrimeaSummer is coming to an end and the tourists started to go home. And there is a perfectly logical question: "Is it hard to go home from the Crimean peninsula, for example, in Kiev? '. After August 24 planned a grand event in honor of Independence Day.

In Simferopol railway ticket offices - just peace and quiet, no crowds there. "After all, the administration station reported that all areas of the Simferopol railway tickets no" - the words of the passengers at the station.

To find a solution for the acquisition cherished train tickets, we help dealers who put surcharge on each ticket from UAH 100. Why should they pay if your site you buy train tickets can with a minimum mark!

What do they say at the box office?

Near the cash registers at the pre-sale of railway tickets at st. Tolstoy, Simferopol influx of people is not observed. As explained by workers desks: "Most of the passengers took care of the tickets for the trip in advance." A general problem with the tickets, August 21, no seats available, August 22, a pair of free top shelves in the second-class carriages. Virtually all of the remaining days of summer, but there are places in a limited quantity, a large company in the same compartment or car will not go, because places scattered over all the cars from the East and ending with reserved seats. In all directions from Simferopol is a situation donetchane, Kharkov, residents of western Ukraine are not able to freely buy train tickets.

If you go by train from the Crimea does not work, you can try to buy tickets on the bus. To do this, go to the central bus station of Simferopol. From Simferopol to Kiev performed three times a day, but until the 28th of August, all seats are sold or booked - as reported by worker dispatching center. You can play the lottery, it means: "It happens that put on a flight one additional bus departing at 13.50 and now it is possible to try to buy bus tickets. But you need to know will put the bus on the flight or not, for 2-3 hours before departure. "

At the bus station Sebastopol similar situation as in Simferopol, you pick up the tickets. And you can buy bus tickets at the service online reservation and ticketing "Mij Kvitok the bus."

At the bus station in Yalta there are no tickets for Kiev to the end of August. You can buy bus tickets to Kiev instead.

The plane ahead!

You can get to the capital of Ukraine, not only by land but also by air, the benefit of the Crimea fly airplanes into large cities. Free areas in aircraft is, but the price is not for everyone.
At the airport Zhulyany from the Crimea takes flight day three, but in the Borispol airport you can fly a morning flight. Buy airtickets over the phone through our contact - center. Prices can learn from our operators.

Flydubai does not fly to Dnepropetrovsk

Flydubai does not fly to DnepropetrovskIn March of this year, low-cost flydubai has announced the opening of a new flight Dubai - Kiev in September 2013. But, alas, the flight will not open.

Low-cost suggested that will make flights of Boeing 737-800 aircraft twice a week. The price of tickets was to be 495 U.S. dollars including a passenger can carry baggage weighing up to 20 kg, and the passenger was possible to change the flight to a different date or return the tickets.

We are selling air tickets from Odessa to Dubai

To date, stopped selling tickets for flights from Dubai - Dnepropetrovsk, Dnepropetrovsk city and removed from the list of available routes.

The airline flydubai commented on the rejection of flights to the city of Dnipropetrovsk in that the entire network is changing the flight schedule.

One of the main theories as to why no longer flies the route, the airline is not able to reach an agreement with the airport.

Lufthansa also stopped flights to Dnepropetrovsk. A UtAir Ukraine did not provide the possibility to fly to this city, because denied approval documentation.

Yanair flies from Zhulyany

Yanair flies from Zhulyany

In September 2013 from the international airport in Kiev (Juliani) to the city of Chernivtsi will make their regular airline flights Ukrainian Yanair.

Referring to the press service of the airport, flying on the route Kiev - Chernovtsy will be carried out with a frequency of 3 times a week, as follows: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The company's aircraft will arrive in the Juliani at 6:10 am and depart from Jules at 16:15 pm.

Flights will make Saab 340A aircraft type, board UR-YAB. The aircraft developed a Swedish aircraft maker SAAB AG. This type of aircraft is designed to carry 33 passengers and has two turboprop engines.

Buy airtickets for planes of Yanair can call our operators.

At the international airport Juliani (Kiev), note that the July 26, 2013 the airline received a certificate for the implementation of aviation activity. The airline's fleet of two aircraft of the Saab 340A. As voiced by the airline, for the near future plans to increase the fleet and the opening of flights between these cities: Severodonetsk, Ternopil, Odessa, Mariupol and others.

Zhulyany receive a new temporary terminal

Zhulyany receive a new temporary terminal


International destination airport Kiev (Zhulyany) has started construction of a temporary terminal D for domestic flights. This terminal will be located in the fifty (50 meters) from the current A terminal for international flights.

Terminal D will occupy an area of ​​3.2 thousand square meters. meters. This area will accommodate 12 check-in counters, five (5) of the gates, the island to get luggage, business facilities, offices, two restaurants - one in a clean area, the second in the registration hall. Also in the terminal D will be provided for the convenience of passengers with disabilities.

A terminal infrastructure, which is located nearby, passengers will be able to use that to make flights on domestic routes. By the infrastructure include: pharmacy, medical center, souvenir shop, a mother and child, cafes and restaurants.

The planned opening of Terminal D - end of October 2013.

You can buy airtickets online for the service online booking and ordering tickets "Miy Kvytok on a plane"  or to order a contact - center operator.

Once open a new terminal D, there will translate all internal flights, which are now served in the old terminal B, and partly in the terminal A. It is planned that the capacity of the new terminal D will be about 400 thousand people in the departure / arrival a year.

For the near future, the airport Kiev plans to build a full-fledged terminal for all flights within the Ukrainian, expand the international terminal A, to build a hangar complex and hotel. To date, work on the expansion of the parking on the forecourt another 50 cars seats.

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