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Due to EvroMaidan, airline cancels flights - Free Image HostingAirline Air Onix, from December 15, 2013 to perform suspends flights from Kiev - Donetsk. After airline Air Onix connect with his son the current Prime Minister Azarov N.Y. Carrier, said to the press that such a step taken by the economic and political situation in the country, and it is not possible to fill the aircraft to perform profitable flights. And change the situation on the route Kiev-Donetsk - the repair of one of the three Boeing 737s. We would like to remind you that last week, on Wednesday, the air carrier to cancel flights on the route Kiev - Bratislava and on Saturday and Sunday were cancel flights between Simferopol and Kiev. This information is derived from data Zhulyany Airport.

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From the words of CEO airline Air Onix sales and marketing Haynatskogo Eugene: " In aviation activity is often reduced in the period from November to January, but the airline did not expect that the flow of passengers would be so great." According to Eugene Haynatsky, on some routes, loading is 18-21 % of the total availability, ie Aircraft capacity of 142-162 seats occupied only 30 seats. Passengers who "lucky" to purchase tickets for canceled flights, airline flight offers transfer or monetary compensation.

If you compare the situation with other carriers, they have the situation is not so bad. According to the press service, the UIA, the average percentage of the passenger load for November -December was 89%, and to cancel flights due to poor load and generally do not practice this does not happen.

From the words of director of the airport to apartment (Kiev) Denis Kostrzhevsky only airline Air Onix cancels flights due to low load. And anyway Air Onix owed ​​enterprises that have ground handling, fueling and airport itself. Carrier for six months does not pay for the airport Zhulyany for takeoff / landing and other fees. Total debt is about 700 thousand UAH.

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