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Wreck liner Airbus A321 in Egypt - Free Image HostingOn the last day of October, 2015, in Egypt, on the Sinai Peninsula poterepel wrecked Russian aircraft airline Korgalymavia. On board were 217 passengers and 7 crew members. The plane made flight of the airline on the route Sharm el Sheikh - Saint Petersburg. Immediately after takeoff, the plane began to fall, and then with all disappeared from the radar.

Aircraft crash of Russian airlines in Egypt is a scientific firm in the number of victims in the history of modern aviation rosiyskoy.
The last major crash of a Russian (Soviet) airline was recorded in 1985 - when the plane crashed near Uchkuduk airline Aeroflot, as a result of the crash killed 200 people. In the history of Soviet and Russian aviation was no longer the case where a plane crash kills more than 200 passengers with a crew.
Technical failure of the liner is the basic version of which was the collapse of the Russian aircraft in Egypt.
Also contemplated are other versions of the disaster: adverse weather conditions with difficult mountainous terrain, and of course the human factor.
The airline Kogalymavia eliminates the human factor the main reason for the collapse of the liner. Kogalymavia company claims that their lumber board A 321 Valery Nemov had more than 12,000 flight hours. On board, passengers were: Ukraine, Belarus and the Russian Federation.
According to a list from the Association of Tour Operators of Russia, on board the ill-fated ship was flying 24 children and 193 adults.
The latest figures, which come from the Security Service of North Sinai - found 150 people in a radius of 5 kilometers from the crash site.

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